Resources and outcomes

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Resources and outcomes

The main outcomes and relevant resources related to the workshop are collected on this website and made publicly available. This includes the presentation slides, code repositories, and summary of conclusions reached during the discussions. The resources and outcomes are being continuously updated.

We are looking for volunteers to organize the next reliability challenge. If you are interested to lead or participate in the organization, have suggestions on how to improve and extend the challenge, and/or would like to donate reliability problems, please contact us.

If you cannot access the linked documents you can get them from the repository of this website, they are stored in assets/pdfs.

Code repositories and documentations

Description Type
Reliability challenge 2019 documentation Website and code repository
Reliability problems repository (with open-source implementations) Website and code repository
Reliability challenge 2019 webserver framework Code repository


Presenter Title Remark
Arpad Rozsas Black-box reliability challenge 2019 - Overview, problems, and results Day 1
Juan Gonzalo SepĂșlveda Astudillo Day 1
Marco de Angelis Day 1
Sebastian Geyer Problem-specific identification of reliability methods Day 1
Maliki Moustapha UQLab approach to the TNO black-box challenge Day 1
Peter Hristov Day 1
Rein de Vries Solutions using DARS and tail estimation Day 1
Arthur Slobbe Black-box reliability challenge 2019 - Overview, problems, and results Day 2
Reza Allahvirdizadeh Challenges in Reliability Assessment of Structural Dynamic Behaviour Day 2
Maliki Moustapha A generalized framework for active active learning reliability analysis in UQLab Day 2
Marco De Angelis Day 2
Antonios Mavritsakis A probabilistic framework for the NAIM Observational Method Day 2
Juan Gonzalo Sepulveda Astudillo Benchmark of Structural Reliability Analysis Methods of Non linear Structures Day 2